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NameLaura :P

Favorite colour: Erm. Aqua, Sky blue, red, orange and (shade, black)

Lucky numbers: Wednesday :T

Height: ???? 5 foot… something?

Talents: Art, interacting with animals, cooking.

Last dream you remember: I remember many, and have troubles differentiating between old and new dreams.

Can you juggle: A little bit, I can do 3 balls.

Art/sports/both: I would probably have to say art, but I really enjoy playing sports-just not many chances to.

Do you like writing: I do, I’m just terrible at it.

Do you like dancing: Alone ಠ_ಠ

Do you like singing: Alone ಠ_ಠ



Dream vacation: I would love to go to Sweden, Scotland, any rainforest, Ireland, Japan, and many more.

Dream guy/girl: Garrus! :P lol

Dream wedding: Er… a nice one with lots of nature? . ~.

Dream pet: A Cheetah. Rescued, not stolen from the wild.

Dream job: Owning my own game company *sighs wistfully*

Favourite song: Pfft, are you joking? My favorite song changes so much it isn’t funny. (not sure why this is underlined)

Favorite albums: Maybe one of Skillet’s albums, I don’t even know.

Last song you heard on the radio: Right now the radio is playing Jrdn- Like Magic



Guys/girls/both: Personality.

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue or Green

Humorous/serious: Knowing when to be either.

Taller/shorter: Don’t care.

Biggest turn-offs: Dislike for nature/animals, bad breath, overly into sports, no humility, two faced/liar, obsessed with money, egotistical, ect.

Biggest turn-ons: BDSM ಠ_ಠ Just kidding lol, uh-sex.Yep, I’m going with sex.


I tag anyone who wants to do this :P

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*Whew* It has been a ROUGH month… I’ve been having nothing but bad luck for about 2 years now, but this month in particular was something else (health wise)

Anyways, I’m back at it, moving slower then ever sadly, but working none the less!

Here is a preview of some of my projects, really crossing my fingers and hoping I can finish them by the end of the month!

DA | FA | DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com

What a silly Dragon!

This was an absolute pleasure to paint for my client Whimlet <3

It has truly inspired me to add a lot more details and time into my work, also no textures used-yes I hand painted those rocks (well worth it too!)

DA | FA | DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com

Commissions are Open :)


Opening up a PSD that someone else has worked on and there’s hundreds and hundreds of layers. 


Opening up a PSD that someone else has worked on and there’s hundreds and hundreds of layers. 

First time painting a sharky shark, now to do a big, beefy one baha!

Loving the armor, maaan do I love painting armor!! Thanks Shibiru for commissioning me :)

DA | FA | DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com

Step a Little Closer~

DA | FA | DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com

Chakat for Chakathytop :)

DA | FA | DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com

Commission for Microphone

DA | FA | DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com

How to Train Your Dragon 2; because they just weren’t cat-like enough.

(Source: herpirate-hisprincess, via csully)