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First time painting a sharky shark, now to do a big, beefy one baha!

Loving the armor, maaan do I love painting armor!! Thanks Shibiru for commissioning me :)

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Step a Little Closer~

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H-hello masses of new followers! . u. <3

Chakat for Chakathytop :)

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Commission for Microphone

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How to Train Your Dragon 2; because they just weren’t cat-like enough.

(Source: herpirate-hisprincess, via csully)


do you ever look at someone’s art and go “i need to step up my fucking game i’m embarrassing”

(via thatgoatthing)

Commission for WolfBeast of his water dragon character Rumion, such an awesome design!

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Commission for the lovely Elnadrin! Thanks for commissioning me again <3

Holy wow, I LOVE Cheetahs, and a silvery white one with blue spots? Yes please. I had a ton of fun with the lighting and atmosphere in this one.

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To be honest, I’ve never been able to get to a comfortable point in my art. I always see amazing scenes dancing in my head, fantastic stories of sci fi, fantasy and surrealism twinning together, paired with a great sense of emotion and movement.

But I seem to be my own worst enemy, I constantly push myself, which in theory isn’t a bad thing-but in execution I push myself so far I fall off the mountain of inspiration, sometimes I plummet to the ground bellow for a day, other times weeks. Once, a year and a half. The fall was long and hard.

Depression seems to sweep over me whenever I can’t work on my paintings, and pain grabs my heart when I can’t manage to paint the things I love most.

Freelancing commissions have been my happy grey area; they keep me busy, get the bills paid, and I get to interact with many fantastic people. And yet, the inability to open those doors and paint something for myself every now and then has left me feeling numb and empty.

Sadly, there is no conclusion to this story yet, I can’t leave you with any inspirational words on how to get out of this, all any of us can do is keep trying, keep pushing, and keep making art.